This isn't a seminar on ideas or theories. This is not a class on how to schmooze.

If you want to be RESPECTED by the political class...
If you want to be FEARED by the political class...
If you are frustrated by politicians who say one thing at the Tea Party Rally, but break their promise at the Capitol...
If YOU want to create change...


What others have said about The Political Leadership School

The slides and training were extremely informative and educational - your real-world experience and anecdotes really hit home and were relevant to the materials. It was a pretty intense class - lots of information in a single day, but we got through it!
Jeremy T. Goemaat, President, LogicBox, Inc.
Your training is OUTSTANDING. I’m not one to be able to sit for more than 1 hour at a lecture style presentation, but honest to God, that’s the best political training I’ve ever seen.
Ike Hall, Georgia Campaign for Liberty

If you are driven to take the fight directly to the whack-job leftists in our country, then you must attend the premier political training program in the nation – the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s Political Leadership School.

There is no better way to learn the art of political warfare than to attend this hard-core, in-your-face one-day school.

As a 13-year Colorado legislator who never lost an election, I know how vital it is to have a highly trained army of like-minded activists working together shoulder to shoulder. The conservative movement in Colorado is growing larger, more sophisticated and more effective every year because we are committed to training leaders.

If you want to take back your town, region or state, then you should attend a school sponsored by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership today! Even better, organize a school and use it to build your base to make a bigger impact.

Ted Harvey, Colorado State Senator (Retired)

If you’re serious about fighting for liberty and conservative values, you have no choice — you MUST get trained in how to be effective, and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership is the place to do it.

I believe in the Foundation so strongly, I require all NAGR staff members to take every class possible.

The Foundation won’t try to steer your philosophical viewpoint (though it naturally does influence it). Instead, it gives substance to the strategy and tactics to preserve our liberties. Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership lays out a game-plan on how to win for conservatives — and just as importantly, why following “conventional wisdom” is a losing strategy.

After 30 years as a professional in politics, I still take the Foundation’s classes multiple times a year and enjoy them immensely. I always learn something new.

Dudley Brown, President, National Association for Gun Rights

All of my success as an activist leader is built on what I have learned from the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. As a very green activist, I was exposed to the Real Nature of Politics, the very first thing taught in the one-day schools. It literally changed me from believing I had very little influence over politicians to realizing I could actually make a difference.

Everything the Foundation teaches, from which politicians should be targeted, to evaluating which projects to take on, to why the greatest lie in politics undermines everything we do, is based on years of experience from seasoned successful leaders. What the Foundation teaches works. Trying to be a successful activist without the tools taught by the Foundation would be like trying to build a house with nothing but a hammer and a handsaw. It’s virtually impossible.

Talbert Black, Chairman, S.C. Campaign for Liberty
Without the Foundation, we would be like every other “group” out there — frustrated with educating our legislators and expecting them to do the right thing. In just over two years, we’ve taken over our school board and township board, stopped corporate welfare tax breaks, disrupted state budget talks and forced roll call votes, giving us a list of bad politicians to expose!
Dean K., Pennsylvania
Here’s how you get America back on the right track. This class will give you the knowledge and framework to get politicians to do what you want them to do. If you think you have no control over our future, think again. Invest in this course, implement this model and WIN!
Christopher Z., New York
I told my sons that what they learned in the one-day training took me about 20 years to learn in the school of hard knocks – and most people never learn the things the Foundation teaches. Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership provides a foundation that saves people years of running on the political hamster wheel to nowhere.
Matt T., Wisconsin

After 40 years fighting to protect the life of the unborn, I walked into my first Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership training discouraged with how ineffective our pro-life political action has been.

I walked out understanding why we were losing, and more importantly, what we must do to win. Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership training is a game-changer. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Pat McEwen, Director, Life Coalition International V.P.
Personhood Florida
Board member, Personhood Alliance

As President of Personhood Alliance, a 15-state coalition of 100% pro-life activists, I believe the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s training is not only effective, it’s essential for such a time as this.

We practice what the Foundation teaches with outstanding results, and look forward to seeing the fruit of this bold, uncompromising standard being implemented across the country.

Dan Becker, President, Personhood Alliance
I attended my first Foundation Political Leadership School with the attitude of “refreshing the basics.” It was so much more — 8 1/2 hours of the best training I’ve seen on the mobilization-confrontation model of political engagement. If you want long-term effectiveness in a political environment that is ambivalent at best to your concerns, then the principles, strategies, and tactics you learn at the Foundation’s Political Leadership School provide a means for righteous pro-life political action.
Ricardo Davis, President, Georgia Right to Life
The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s seminars and classes have just been so invaluable to me as somebody on the inside who sort of fumbled through this without having any framework for understanding how the inside and outside can work together -– but sort of feeling my way through it. And going to that first three-day class after I had the one-day, just sort of made it come together for me, especially as somebody who has been trying to work from the inside. That’s when I said, my family’s got to go, my Chief of Staff’s got to go, and several of my staff members.
Congressman Thomas Massie on our Inside Operations webinar
The Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership’s one-day Political Leadership School is one of the best days that I have spent in politics. I recommend it to all grassroots activists who truly want to learn how to be effective conservative leaders!
Jim Runestad, Michigan House (R-District 44)
The training offered by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership is a game-changer. If you are a principled activist in politics, very quickly you learn how slimy most politicians act and how you can use that to your advantage. The training offered by the Foundation illuminates the nature of politicians and shows normal people like you how to be most effective in the limited time you have for political activity. There is no better organization offering training for principled political activists today.
Patrick McGrady, Mayor, Aberdeen, Maryland

Ten years ago, I was upset and frustrated that my town had cameras everywhere giving people tickets. It was pure government extortion, with a private company making money from it. I had no idea how to fight it until I attended a one-day Political Leadership School. For the first time, I had a plan on how to fight effectively. And when I put the principles to work, I got the cameras out of my town.

Then I went to the next town. Eventually, I got them out of my state. I have since moved on to other states and gotten them out of over 100 areas all across the country. It is estimated that this effort has saved the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

This would not have happened if I hadn’t gotten this valuable training. If you have an issue that you are passionate about, you owe it to yourself to take a day and learn how to be effective.

Shawn Dow, Foundation Instructor

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