FACL School Request Form

Thank you for your interest in hosting a FACL Political Leadership School or Campaign Management School.

Please read the Guidelines for Hosting a Successful FACL Training before you submit the School Request Form so you understand exactly what you are committing to do. As the School Coordinator, you’ll be responsible for every aspect of planning and preparing for the school, including:

  • Selecting the date;
  • Finding a venue within our budget;
  • Arranging ground transportation for our trainer;
  • Providing lunch, snacks, and beverage for class; and
  • Filling the room with like-minded activists and leaders for us to train.

For our part, we’ll pay all the bills, and send you one of the best grassroots trainers in the country to give you and your members a full day of the most effective political training available.

For scheduling, planning, and promotional purposes, submit the school request form below, at least 6 weeks prior to the date you are requesting.

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If you have not have secured a venue yet, please leave this section blank. If you have secured a venue, you MUST include at minimum the venue name, city, and state.

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